LGBT+ Community


The thing about love is that it’s limitless
people often assume it to be frivolous
It sure isn’t something that’s taught in the syllabus
And it’s totally okay if love makes you feel ambivalent

One thing is for sure, that love is gender free
I wouldn’t be surprised if someone disagrees
This controversial topic can never bring appeace
But think about the gay people who are ill at ease

The lgbt+ community is a critical subject to dicuss
Especially, here in India, it just creates a fuss
Just talking about them causes a huge rebuff
But this community has now had enough

It’s time we move with the fast changing world
The lgbt+ community aren’t unnatural or absurd

If they are born on this planet, they are a part of nature
Acceptance of diversity is an important trait of creatures
If only you were in their shoes to know the demeanor
would you change your mind and become a supporter

Can you imagine how it feels to be restricted to love someone you love
To know that being yourself will never get you above

That inhumane humans will never accept you for who you are
That no one will take you in with all your scars
That people like you are different and scarce. That you’ll always be lonely making a wish to the stars

It’s time we realise that all of the sexualities
Are indifferent and a part of naturalities
Let’s not complicate matters and cause inequalities
All we need is a little bit of humanity

Love is gender free and limitless
Spread love


Just a small yet true quote I’ve written down…

Hope you like it.


‘Pain is helpless..

Both, physical and emotional,

Because scars don’t fade..

And people don’t come back either.’


– Anuja patankar


I usually don’t post stuff like this or poems like these on my blog as I don’t like to spread negativity but I think the thing about art is that it comes in different forms and writing poems, to me, is a way to express myself. I wouldn’t call myself extremely social and neither can I call myself as a total introvert. I stay in the middle of them both but I never have met someone who has been the perfect fit for me. It’s always just a temporary thing and it ends up hurting me because I used to expect a lot from people who meant a lot to me.

And now, it has somehow gotten worse, I don’t trust anyone fearing that I’ll have to see them run away from me and leave, again, the way it always ended for me. My trust issues are getting bad and I don’t know what to do about it but poems just help me feel like there is someone who is there for me and will listen to me and not run away. So this is how I express myself. This is my best friend. THIS IS MY ART AND MY HEART.

The past few years have wrecked me emotionally,

Every single day, I find my eyes and nose runny,

Because trusting someone, to me, is no more funny,

Because people stress over jobs, dreams and money

And here I am with growing trust issues..

I don’t really know what’s wrong with my mind,

I try to be calm but I just cannot find,

This person to whom I can turn to and say,

With you, honey, I’m not scared to stay.

Take me to your place; I want to go there,

Want to pour out my heart with the things that I wanna share,

Want to be loved and feel like someone cares,

Want to smile, for once, wholeheartedly, with a glare.

I want us to have fun in our own beautiful way,

But for all this to come true, I’ll keep waiting for the day

Why can’t I live life like other people do?

Why do I cry myself to sleep in my room?

Why am I so intense, I really have no clue

Why am I stuck in this trust issued loom?

And I keep wondering over my growing trust issues..

I end up regretting some people who I should’ve trusted,

Sometimes cry over past relationships that have rusted,

Keep questioning myself If I was the one who should’ve adjusted,

Or maybe it’s just me who should never be trusted….

One sided life!

Today i won’t be posting a poem but I’m gonna post this short quote..

‘ The thing about relationship is that it can’t be one-sided…

And the thing about all my relationships is that they’re always one-sided. ‘

Never ever waste your energy on people who don’t give a damn about you…

If they don’t mind your absence then they certainly don’t need you in their life..

Remember you are worthy of lots of love and you’ll get it sooner or later…

Keep calm and patient and life will show you wonders!

Bless y’all!

Unwanted people

I’m pretty sure a lot of teenagers will be able to relate to this poem. This poem is pretty big and lengthy but trust me it comes right from my heart! During teenage, friendship and relations mean a lot to us and we often end up sacrificing and giving all we can just so we can keep certain people in our lives, which, most of the times, have been proved to be unwanted and unnecessary in my life.

I’ve personally learned a lot about people and how to handle certain people due to this phase of my life where I felt that I was alone and had no one. But due to the positivity around me, I was able to cope up and also learned a very strong lesson to be independent. I guess every phase of your life teaches you something and this phase has taught me to be me and to deal with the fact that not everyone will like you but one person will always love you. And that person is YOU. LOVE YOURSELF.



One thing everyday, remains to me, as a mystery

Of loosing people I have this constant fear dwelling in me.


I keep up with their messy and unacceptable behaviour.

In spite of all that I do, they always leave me here.


I end up staying locked up in this little lonely room,

But then some other person comes in, using my innocence as a doom.


It’s like a circle, it keeps happening again and again,

First person to break my trust? honestly, I don’t know where to begin.


One person that I can trust is all that I ever need,

It isn’t that I’m this person with this attention seeking greed.


I used to feel unlucky, looking at people having their own set of loyal friends.

Having that one ‘best friend’ by your side, isn’t it one of the biggest trends?


But through all these recent years, i’ve learnt this one strong lesson,

That your ‘bf’ is you and you are your own blessing!


So, now I don’t need any so-called best friends.

Because this need of a person by my side has now come to an end.


Being alone or independent is not at all weird or uncool.

I mean it’s totally better than these fake friends, who are the actual fools!



Likes and Followers

A poem about the sad truth about social media today.


Apparently your likes and followers is what you reflect

Your personality and your soul is just to be neglect.


Oh! She has so many followers, she has to be cool

Oh well, all you’re doing is making yourself a fool.


Well if that’s what you want, then I’m better on my own

Call me an introvert, I’ll still choose to be alone.


Being yourself and living is for what life is ment

But never act like a person that you aren’t.


Thousands of teenagers face depression and anxiety

Beacause the society judges people on looks and popularity!


Well, all that i will wish to god for you

Is to understand the internal beauty of few!


Get to know what their heart and soul is filled with

Not thier chest or the waist and its width!


Your cruel judgements tear apart millions of innocents

But guess who’s the winner when it comes to humanity and intelligence?


HEY THERE! This is going to be my first poem which I will be posting here. I really hope you’ll like it.


Struggles keep us up all night cause they are pretty scary.

They keep us stressed, on our toes and make our eyes look weary.


Are struggles our past mistakes for which we gotta pay?

Or is it just us looking at struggles in a negative way?


Struggles isn’t a curse or a condemnation that you found,

It’s a passive way for making you work hard for what you abound.


I’ve seen a boy from a poor family and the problems that they face

And yet for his dreams to come true, I see his diligent chase.


With love and passion for everything that comes across your path,

You can handle struggles and avoid your impotent wrath.


Look at struggles the positive way and get yourself all hyped,

Feel thankful for what you have already ignoring any plights.




Thank you for joining me!


Hearty welcome. This is my blog page and I am super exited to post my writings here. I will be posting some poems, short stories and random quotes.

I am very new to blogging and I’m pretty sure I will not be posting regularly so please do excuse my ill-timed posts

I really hope you guys will like what you’ll read.